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The current trend is to play free slot games with bonuses. Websites like Slotozilla proclaim to have a wide array of free slots games with bonuses. Once you charge you with enough details, you can go and play one such game. This requires no personal details, no signing up, and no deposits. All you have to do is to just click “Play,” and then you find yourself in the fantasy world of thrills and emotions.

Free slot machines with bonus rounds: As long as your internet connection works, you don’t go for real money betting, you can play the free online slot machines all the time, quite unhindered.

Conditions governing the matter of bonuses are vast, varied, innovative and mind-blowing at times. Of late, we are going in for still more advanced games such as games hidden in emulators, video games, Shooters, Arcades, and hidden object games covering different genres.

Free slot games with bonus rounds are not merely fun, but profitable too. Then how to play them? As usual, start by learning their nuances. Play some free slots with bonus rounds to get a feel of them and then begin betting. Slotozilla has a section called “Tricks and tips” which will also be of great help in this. Your wins may accrue in hundreds and thousands. As you get more experienced at the games, you acquire full control of the procedures, at times hitting jackpots.

These all go to show that slot games with bonus rounds have come to stay. All game developers presently concentrate on this area in an effort to enthuse the players by introducing animations and stereo sound as you navigate the wonder worlds of the characters. Playing bonus rounds on Big monitors, small smart phones and in 3 D also is not far away.

Online Casinos Reviews And Recommendations:

Pre-requisites for playing games in casinos online or offline are: They should have the games you are interested in. They should ensure safe playing along with good customer support. The transactions should be instantaneous and hassle-free with proper tie-ups with banks. They should accept all types of cards.

For knowing them, going through reviews and recommendations of the peers about the various casinos would be of immense help to the aspiring players. A look at a few reviews with recommendations:

Club World casino: A best Real Time Gaming (RTG) online gaming casino, it has vast collection of games offering attractive bonuses. Good customer support and easy transactions are the other pluses.

Crazy Vegas casino: With a collection of about 600 games, 30 free spin bonus offer for beginners, honest and fair deals, varied bonus and deposit procedures, and quick transactions, this casino commands enormous respect with players.

All Slots casino: Vast selection of 400 slots, bonuses, promotions, good customer service and swift payouts make this a popular casino.

Jackpot City casino: Over 600 games, flexibility to transact in many currencies and languages, jackpots, prizes it offers make this casino one of the best in the industry.

Drake casino: It offers 3 D video slots and games, 275 games, totally US-friendly conditions and attractive bonuses.

Depending upon your proximity, games and your assessment, you can choose one casino for your playing.

Wayne Gretzky - The Great One

What discussion of the great game of ice hockey does not begin and end with Wayne Gretzky? You may or may not be a fan of the Great One, but you can no easier deny his dominance and the impact he had on the game than you can convince Rosie O’Donnell that subtle is better.

Growing up as a huge NBA enthusiast (my tenure as a fan began when I was about 8-10 years old with Julius Erving and ended with the retirement of Sir Charles Barkley), I was no Chicago Bulls fan, but once Michael Jordan entered the scene, you just knew you were seeing something special.

And like Gretzky (indeed perhaps the only viable similarity to Gretzky), whether you loved him or hated him, you certainly had to grant the man his place in sports history.

Over the years, many have been tempted to compare the likes of Wayne Gretzky’s dominance in the sport of ice hockey to Michael Jordan’s own personal statistical stranglehold on professional basketball. Still others are tempted to compare Tiger Wood’s dominance in professional golf to the statistical marvel of the Great One.

Any such comparisons are done in vain.

Yes, each of the aforementioned superstars dominated (or is dominating) their respective sport. But no one did it with the sheer inescapable magnitude of Wayne Gretzky over his twenty year career in professional ice hockey.

To put Gretzky’s feats in perspective, if Michael Jordan were to match the Great One’s single-season scoring record—statistically speaking—he would have had to average over 70 points per game.

Gretzky started playing Junior B hockey at 14 years old, winning a challenge to existing Canadian amateur hockey rules. That first season, he won rookie of the year, totaling 60 points in 28 games.

As many well know, over his career in the NHL, Gretzky had more assists (1,963) than second place on the all-time POINTS list (Mark Messier with 1,887).

His record of 2,857 points will never be surpassed.

All said, Wayne Gretzky holds:

40 regular season records

15 playoff records

6 All-Star records

He won 4 Stanley Cups (Oilers), garnered 9 MVP awards, and was the leading scorer in the NHL 10 different seasons.

Not only is he the only player to ever tally more than 200 points in a single season, he accomplished the feat four times. He scored over 100 points in a season 13 consecutive times, with a total of 15. He also turned 50 hat tricks.

Arguably there has never been a player with such a natural sense of puck flow, ice position, and the ability to create time and space. It was said the Great One had eyes in the back of his head.

In one game, he scored on the drop of the face-off puck twice, against the same goalie.

His greatest attribute, perhaps, was not exemplified by his grace with a stick and puck but rather his presence without them. No dominant force was ever so humble. Rick Reilly, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, once proclaimed the biggest challenge of interviewing Wayne Gretzky was getting him to say anything about himself.

Whether you loved him or hated him, to deny him his place in history is impossible. He was an ambassador for the sport, and reinforced the notion that hockey could be (and is) a game of grace, skill, and honor.


Robert Guthrie is a freelance writer who spends most of his spare time chauffeuring a 15 year-old ice hockey player who can’t yet drive himself. He lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with his wife, son, and two enigmatic blue healer mixes.

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Drills For Field Hockey Goalkeepers

Keep your Keeper Sharp
The largest trap that most goalkeepers fall into during field hockey practice is to be merely used as target practice by the others on the team. In order to fully develop your goalkeeper??s skills, try implementing some of these drills for field hockey goalkeepers at your next practice. A good goalkeeper is essential to winning field hockey games and these drills will keep your keeper??s reaction times down.

2-on-1 Shot Blocking
The first of the drills for field hockey goalkeepers is a simple shot-stopping drill. To set up this drill, spread as many balls as desired around the circle edge. For this drill, one or two players make their way around the circle shooting the balls one at a time at the keeper. The goalkeeper??s job is to save as many ball as possible. To up the competitive spirit of the drill try keeping score, where the shooters earn a point for every shot that makes it past the goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper earns a point for every shot they block.

To keep things fresh and interesting during this drill, make sure the shooters employ a variety of shots including but not limited to slapshots, wrist flicks, and pushes. Another great way to keep the goalkeeper on their toes is to allow the players to pass the ball between them a few times before taking a shot, which forces the goalkeeper to pay attention to the action.

Dive In!
When teaching drills for field hockey goalkeepers it is important to integrate a variety of drills that teach players how to make different types of saves, all of which are necessary during game play. One of the most important skills that any goalkeeper must learn is how to make a dive save.

To set up, place six balls in a line slightly off center anywhere from 8 to 15 yards from the top of the circle. Have one player assume the role of the shooter, who stands at the line of balls. The aim of the goalkeeper during this particular drill is to move sideways across the goal to save as many shots as possible. At the start of the drill, the goalkeeper should be standing in their ready position with knees bent, head up and shoulder relaxed next to the left post.

To begin the drill, the goalkeeper shuttles sideways across the goal and taps the right post with their stick, the signal for the shooter to commence the drill. The shooter is to fire one of the balls towards the lower left hand corner of the net. As soon as the shot has been made, the goalkeeper is to shuttle sideways towards the left post and dive to make the save. Make sure to dive through the path of the ball in order to block the shot from going in.

Continue in this manner until all 6 balls have been shot, then allow your goalkeeper a short rest while the drill is set up again. The second time around the direction is reverse so the shooter will be taking shots at the lower right hand corner.

Make sure to emphasize that the goalkeeper keeps their head pointing towards the ball with their eye constantly following it after they??ve touched the post and given the signal. To up their chances of successfully blocking the shot, encourage the goalkeeper to save using both gloves.

About The Author
Blair McKinney has been playing and coaching field hockey for nearly 28 years. You can get instant access to hundreds of field hockey practice plans and drills by visiting Blair’s website:
For a limited time, all coaches who visit Blair’s site will also get a free copy of his special report: “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Field Hockey Coaches Make”.

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What NHL Autographed Memorabilia You Can Find and Get

The National Hockey League is home to heroes and warriors aplenty. With each swerve and drive of the puck through the ice, sticks clash, players dash, and tempers fly. With each score, a player is hailed as a savior and hero. With each miss of the goalkeeper, groans and screams can be heard for miles. Such is the appeal of hockey, whether it is watched in its full glory live, or on television, where viewers can alternate between tearing their hair out and jumping out of their seats.

Hockey, whether played on the grass or on the ice, has legions of fans and viewers. These same fans and viewers are poised to cheer any player on, whether he is the neighborhood hero or Wayne Gretzky himself. They are likewise interested, sometimes even obsessed with finding NHL autographed memorabilia at low prices.

If you are interested in hockey, or if you are new to the game and are planning to collect NHL autographed memorabilia, start inquiring at your local collector??s stores on what NHL autographed memorabilia are available, or what NHL autographed memorabilia you can afford. There are also many online sites where you can buy, auction, or trade NHL autographed memorabilia. Beware of such sites, however: like many other trading sites, there are lurkers and predators aplenty that can promise you wares without sending them to you, or promise to pay you for your NHL autographed memorabilia but do not do so.

Here are a few examples of NHL autographed memorabilia that you can avail of online. Although this list is by no means complete, it can give you a good idea of what most websites will offer. Prices will differ depending on the age of the NHL autographed memorabilia, who signed it, and the quality of the signed merchandise.

- NHL jerseys are the most commonly traded, sold, and bought items online. Signed and autographed by the players themselves, such jerseys become gems to collectors. If you are able to avail yourself of such a jersey, do not simply stash it away or keep it in a box. Frame it, not only to display the signature, but to preserve the autograph and jersey as well.

- NHL hats and caps are also attractive, as they can be used at games to proudly display the autograph of a fan??s favorite player. If you are able to buy autographed hats and caps, do not wear them too often unless you are in an air-conditioned stadium. Acidity and moisture can wear away cap quality and can damage the ink used to sign the autograph. Keep such hats and caps in a glass display box, along with some dehydrating salts, to protect them from humidity.

- Many other autographed NHL memorabilia can come in the forms of photographs, posters, and books. Take care of such memorabilia by either storing them in glass cases, or covering them with protective plastic. Keep any paper away from heat, acidity, and humidity, as these can easily destroy them. Photographs should also be kept away from direct sunlight, as these can cause photographs and the inks used to sign the autograph to fade.

- Hockey pucks and sticks are also available online, and, once signed by hockey players, can become so precious, their owners will refuse to use them to play any amateur game. Such autographed memorabilia should also be kept in glass cases, and should be free form moisture, since humidity can damage puck and stick materials.

- Made of stronger material, signed NHL helmets can withstand humidity, but the ink used to sign the helmet can melt away or fade. Store autographed NHL helmets in glass cases or cardboard boxes, and keep them away from acids or water.

For more information about authentic autographed sports memorabilia and collectibles, visit . Read articles from contributing writers in our blog site at

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