Betting – Is It for You?

There are a lot of people who are interested in betting right now and this is not considered to be bad in some countries. In fact, most of the time, people feel that they are doing some sort of recreation when they bet. Some people bet in brick and mortar casinos while there are also some people who bet in online casinos. What about you, do you prefer playing in an online casino or would you rather play at a traditional casino? This will be up to you.

You have to remember that before you do any type of betting, it is highly important that you will know what you can expect. If you are going to choose playing at a traditional casino, do you know which casino you are going to choose to play on? This is also the same with playing at an online casino. The number of online casinos has improved tremendously over the past years. Well known online casinos may offer better deals than casinos that are just starting but this will highly depend on what you prefer.

Do remember that the first step that will help you out is to decide whether you would like to play for fun or if you would like to play in order to get more money. There are some people who choose to play for fun and this means that they can play without having to deposit any money. They can just get a feel of how the games are played. Do remember that this is only available online. If you would choose to play at brick and mortar casinos, betting would have to be done for the chance to get more money in return.

NHL: Betting tips on the favourites for the Stanley Cup

Despite having been made favourites to win the Stanley Cup by the bookies, Pittsburgh Penguins have not looked like crumbling under the pressure. Especially when they are sitting at the top of the Eastern Metropolitan Division. Of course there are still games to play, but at 6/1 to lift the trophy come February, it’s hard to bet against them. But who else is still in with a chance of being crowned champions?

Every year the Chicago Blackhawks are a dominate force in the NHL and this season is no different. They sit top of the Central Western Conference and with only 2 losses in their last 10 games, they are in hot form. The bookmakers agree, placing them as second favourites at 15/2. Other teams that are worth looking out for in the run-up to the end of the regular season are Boston Bruins (10/1), St Louis Blues (10/1) and Los Angeles Kings (14/1), all three are capable of causing an upset. But if you fancy going for the underdog, try Buffalo Sabres who are placed at a very long 300/1. But if you are still unsure who to bet on, play an ice hockey slots game at an online casino site such as instead.

Break Away – a five reel video slots game with no less than 243 pay lines- is one of the most popular NHL based games. This clearly enhances the chance of a payout from playing it, even if you don’t manage to scoop one of the $500 maximum jackpots available, but there is more than just money to recommend Break Away. The graphics, sound effects and animation used in this slots game recreate all of the excitement – and physicality – of an NHL match; to the extent that you might find yourself wincing occasionally, until you remember you’re only playing a casino game!

Odds in Battle for NHL Top Scorer Heat Up

As always, the competition for leading all others in terms of goals scored in the NHL is as hot as ever, and even bookmakers are finding it tough to place the odds. A few weeks ago, the league’s top two goalscorers were surprise entry Alexander Steen as well as favorite Alex Ovechkin – and things haven’t changed much since then!

Favorites vs. Upsets

While names like Ovechkin and Crosby are normally expected to be among the top scorers, what NHL handicappers and bookmakers didn’t take into account was Alexander Steen emerging as an actual contender. Even though there’s still quite a bit of play left Steen now stands at 17 goals in 21 games compared to Ovechkin’s 17 goals in 20 games.

For a player who has never before scored more than 24 goals in a NHL season, this astounding start is certainly raising eyebrows. When Ovechkin and Steen went head to head, Ovechkin came out on top and for a brief time broke the tie between the two. The odds on the Washington Capitals vs. St. Louis Blues were in his favor being the more experienced of the two.

The big question now for bookmakers and bettors alike is whether or not Steen can keep pace for the rest of the season. With a 3-goal gap between the two leaders and the rest of the pack, anything could happen as the season goes on and it is far from a done deal.

Anyone who happened to bet on Steen right from the get go however probably enjoyed the benefits of having really good odds – as this really is a scoring streak that seems to have come out of nowhere. Granted the player did perform well towards the tail end of last season, but nothing like this.



Cole Harbour sees High Demand for MacKinnon Gear

All stores of Cole Harbour are seeing maximum sales of MacKinnon jersey. The demand is so high that the storeowners are failing to keep to the expectations of all buyers of the region. The upcoming match would bring Nathan MacKinnon and Sidney Crosby against each other, which is going to be an electrifying clash.

NHL hockey online lines have certainly geared up to the momentum of the ongoing season and the bettors are having a gala time over it. This season is showing exclusive turn-around with possibility of maximum profit for the entire gambling industry.

While memorabilia related to Crosby has become a topic for discussion, stores across Cole Harbour and other neighboring towns have geared up to move merchandise of MacKinnon as fastest possible time.

Matt Mroz says that the sports storeowners of the region are unable to meet the demand of MacKinnon jerseys with No. 29. However, other jerseys and gears are however in less demand; although not at the same rate like those of MacKinnon’s. He even adds that blue and burgundy sweaters with No. 29 are not in much demand.

A store, Sports Fanatic, located at Mic Mac Mall at neighboring Dartmouth has reported to have ordered additional stocks of MacKinnon’s gears. However, their sales representative is not optimistic of getting the stock refills till November end since the demand is equally high across Canada.

Another store at the mall, Lids, saw huge sales of Avalanche hats immediately after drafting was MacKinnon was over. The store is presently bereft of any of such stocks. However, a sales representative reported that they were earlier unable to sort out the connection.

A hockey equipments superstore at Dartmouth Crossing, Pro Hockey Line, has stock of three Avalanche jerseys without MacKinnon on them. According to a sales representative, they have ordered for a lettering machine and would soon resume production by imprinting MacKinnon kit on their stock of blank Avalanche sweaters.

All three stores of the mall had stock of MacKinnon t-shirts that were displayed effectively. However, original jersey style apparel did not came into being until MacKinnon made NHL debut. Presently, every store is trying their best to grab stocks of MacKinnon jerseys and gears after the star appeared for the matches. A resident of Cole Harbour, Brendan Duke mentioned that the scene was quite similar with the Penguins and Sydney. He even admitted to wear Avalanche t-shirts with No.29 printed over them. It is obvious that native residents are proud of their star player.




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