Flyers traded with Leafs

Philadelphia Flyers chose the man who can help them to score goals just after they got a bunch of defensemen on their side.
Luke Schenn of Toronto Maple Leafs was taken by the Flyers. Flyers did exchange James Van Reimsdyk to get Luke on Saturday. The void that was made by the non availability of Chris Pronger is expected to be fulfilled by this deal made by the Flyers. Luke who is 22 year old is expected to play hard and replace Chris who is not available for the flyers due to the concussion syndrome.
When asked about Luke the general manager of the team, Paul Holmgren Said, “This young lad is a tough player and certainly a big defenseman. His play is comprised of mainly physical attention and also gritty in nature. This man can easily make the movement of the pluck.” He then added that this kind of players are not easily available and need to be bought at a high draft. We also did pick James at a high draft.
Luke has got 14 and 61 goals and assists respectively in his back for the four seasons in which he had played for Toronto.
When Luke was asked about Chris Pronger he said, “I cannot compare me with the great Chris Pronger at any point of time, he is for sure a part of the hall of fame of the team.”
Luke is the elder brother of Brayden who plays as the forward for Flyers. Luke became the 6th player to get picked up at the 2008 NHL draft.
When asked about his brother’s reaction about his selection in the team he said that his brother could not believe it. Also, according to his brother it was a dream come true for him.
James has got 47 goals and 52 assists for the three seasons he had played for the team. He has scored about 7 goals in the all 11 games he played.
When asked about the trade made with Leafs, the G.M said that according to him the trade fulfilled the demands for both of the teams and also helped Leafs.
G.M of leafs said that, “James will provide us speed with finesse and certainly will meet the demands of the teams as fast as possible.”
Paul Holmgren said that we were able to establish the demands of the defence of our team now.
While getting Luke is a piece of cake for the flyers in the same time loosing James is like a hurting ‘nail’ for them.




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