Nearing 40, and still the best in NHL history

Ray Whitney is a very popular name in the history of NHL as it has been there for more than 19 years. Ray is known to have achieved many milestones in his career, and hence he is the most celebrated star of NHL. Dave Tippett the official coach of Phoenix states that he knows every time Ray touches the puck something good can be expected in the proceedings of the game sportsbook reviews. Derek Morris says that he is the MVP of this year. Ray is known for his humbleness and when asked about his achievements he claims it to be because of others who have contributed with him.

Ray is nearing his 40th birthday and he already did manage to crack 40 assist marks not once, but for the seventh time. Whitney plus 25 ranks No 1. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches and looks remarkably in a perfect shape keeping in mind his age. He currently has 996 career points in his baggage and with seven games left he will try to reach the 1000 mark in the regular season itself, hence becoming the 79th player in the history of NHL to have crossed this incredible achievement. He is just behind Nicklas Lidstrom and Teemu Selanne who have captured more point than Ray after the age of 35. He is indeed the best shootout specialist of Coyotes.

He is a tough as well as a very dedicated player and hence he goes straight to the gym after a tiring 18 minutes of play during the night in the season so as to keep fit and work on the upper body in order to make it strong. He is one of the most respected players of this time and hence people love to watch him all the way more as he is remarkably the best player out there.




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