NHL Players That Made Mark Last Week

The last week was full of action at NHL. Some players made great impact while some of them were simply let down. One of the key players of this season, Jamie Benn made a promising impact. His performance is one of the major reasons for the success of Dallas Stars, which is now in the top eight in the West. However, in the last three seasons, the team missed being a part of the playoffs. In the last match against Edmonton, Stars won the match 4-1 and Benn scored twice in that game. Benn grabbed 82 points pace, which is much better than his last season’s 57.
Other players who made mark include Jarome Iginla, Lars Eller, Shane Doan, Semyon Varlamov, and Joffrey Lupul.
Jarome Iginla- He created history by entering the league of 500 goals at NHL. Though the 500th goal was not among the bests in his career, but that hardly makes any difference in his glowing career. The goal is not being cited as one of his artistic scores because he attempted a pass that was pinballed off by two players of Minnesota and the ball entered the net. Iginla became the part of the elite club as the 42nd player to score 500 NHL goals.
Lars Eller – This Danish forward made mark this week as he became the second player to score four goals. His penalty shot against Winning Jets on Thursday was excellent.
Shane Doan – He was scoring two goals since 38 matches and missing the chance of hat trick at NHL. This week it happened against the Islanders on Saturday where he scored two goals early. He had sixty minutes to get the third goal and he did that when the remaining time of the match was :00.1. This thrilling feat created 5-1 win for Phoenix.
Semyon Varlamov — The goaltender of Colorado Avalanche is the biggest reason for the team’s success this week at NHL. He just allowed one goal last week and allowed on seven since the Christmas break.
Joffrey Lupul — Lupul made his mark in spite of the presence of Linemate Phil Kessel. In fact, this is best season with seven points and two goals in three games of Toronto that took place last week. In 41 games, he scored 47 points and 19 goals.
Apart from these players who made mark at NHL, there are also some players who did exactly the opposite.




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