Unprecedented playoff success for Holtby

Braden Holtby’s stupendous as well as highest record of 44 save gave a 2-1 win devastating Capitals despite the two victories apiece by Boston Bruins in the Quarterfinal series of the Eastern Conference of the NHL. Holtby’s 1.60 goals and .953 save percent are on the top among goalies. There have been at least three starts in the current NHL season’s playoffs.
The forward of the team Brooks Laich who named Holtby as “a stud” commented “If you have a goal tender in the team who smothers each thing that is hurled towards him, it is extremely soothing and de-stressing for all other team members”. This comment came right after the win in Game 4.
He added “Even if we have to miss a shot, we have the assurance that Holtby will cover it. When there is a goal tender as dependable as him who is in the best form and at top performance it helps the team to settle in a jiffy. He acted like a leader tonight.”
Defenseman Karl Alzner commented “Though he makes things look easy it requires extreme concentration to make every good glove slave and when he drops the puck and has to lean on the post.” According to Alzner it must be very difficult for a player while an ace goalie makes it look like a cake walk.
The suave 44 save that made all the difference in the all important Game 4 were the best by any rookie in the regulation playoff gaming since Dryden of the team Montreal Canadiens. Ken Dryden saved 46 shots in the 4-2 victory opposite to Boston on 16th April in 1971.
Holtby though a soft spoken and tender nature young kid in the NHL circle, he is also extremely confident and seems to remain unfazed by the magnanimous stage and all the bright lights on the well known Stanley Cup Playoffs.
This young kid entered the post season with only 16 games of playoff experience under his belt at Western Hockey League and AHL put together. His early success in the NHL playoff has taken everyone by surprise and the experts take note of this rising star.
Braden is not the first generation hockey star. His father also played with Saskatoon Blades. Braden played for the same team and went on to make 82-75-15 since 2006 to 2009. His current team The Capitals selected Braden in no.93, at round number four of the NHL draft of 2008.




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